Norwich’s Modernist Night Out

...since 1994

Welcome to “All Our Yesterdays” - Nowich’s Modernist night out since 1994. You can expect to hear 60s Mod RnB, soul and some beat, hammond and jazz / latin and the odd “classic” thrown in. We run from 8 til midnight and it’s FREE.

This site has been revamped in November 2010 to coincide with our relaunch at a new venue (The Rumsey Wells pub in the centre of Norwich). Consequently some pages are still being updated and others will be added. So far we’ve linked to our launch night with a few photos and a few track listings. Over time we’ll add extra content and update pages. Please bear with us.


More regular updates are on our Facebook page (see the link at the top right) if you want to join us there as well.


Whilst we update a venue page here’s a quick link to a location map: